Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Challenge #1 for Treasured Times Rubber Stamps and Scrapbooking. All for the love of the Red, White and Blue!

I am an artist/digi artist, so I used my own digi stamp.  The American Bald Eagle.  Here is my project.....

I used Blue Bazzel Card Stock for my base card.  I printed out a photo of a flag and added my own Eagle drawing,  I cut a slit in the Eagles beak and inserted a gold lammae ribbon into the beak.  I added three buttons on the bottom edge, bringing it all together....Thank you for the viewing of my blog and please leave a comment. Thanks!!


  1. Wow!! Very it...and your Eagle drawing is fantastic!!

  2. Your card is amazing! Thank you for participating in our first challenge!

  3. Thank you Diane. I love to draw. And Jody, you are very welcome. The pleasure was all mine. Sher Browns post drew me here